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Which Provides More Fun: Road Trip to Ladakh vs. Flight Trip to Ladakh

We are assuming you want to book the Ladakh package but are confused about the bike trip to Ladakh vs. air travel. We will answer you in this post by covering the reasons to visit Leh Ladakh by the best means of transport. Are you ready to find out? Shall we start? Okay! Lend us your ears till we get your answer. This is not going to be an oh-so-usual article about traveling to Ladakh.

Get to Know About the Road Route to Reach Leh Ladakh

A bike trip to Ladakh opens up two options to reach the moonland of India. The first route is Srinagar Leh Highway, while the second one is Manali-Leh Highway. The former remains open for a longer time and is considered the best for arriving in Leh. It remains open at the end of April or mid-May. While the latter one constitutes higher elevation and curvy terrain to drive the bike. The elevation of Manali Leh Highway is more, and this route remains open in the first week of June.

What is the Travel Time to Reach Leh Ladakh Via Road?

The travel time to reach Leh Ladakh via Srinagar Manali Highway will take around 4 days (approx.) if you commence your Delhi journey. However, if you choose to return from Manali Leh Highway, it will take around 3 days (approx.) to return to Delhi.

Would You Miss All the Thrill If You Travel to Ladakh By Air?

The answer is No! Until a few years back, when Ladakh was not on the tourism radar, only a handful of people traverse to Leh Ladakh by flight while the rest choose to ride their bikes or cars on the Manali Leh Highway to arrive Ladakh. But nowadays, tourists are inclined more towards leisure travel - irrespective of the destination they are visiting. Now the airport of Ladakh is well connected with flights from major metro cities, and it takes less time by air than a road trip. Plus, you will get the chance to gaze at the snow-capped peaks of Ladakh from an aerial height. So, it is a myth that you will miss the experiences of Ladakh if you don’t take a bike trip.

Dig deep into the reasons to learn why Ladakh by air is not at all a bad idea over a bike trip to Ladakh.

Peak Winter Trip is Possible Via Flight

Love it or hate it or believe it or not but Ladakh personifies its aura in peak winter seasons. You could reach Ladakh Mid October-until April via flight because the heavy snow blocks the two routes to reach Ladakh. And in most cases, when the highways remain open, it is extremely difficult to drive your bike or car during October and November, including the peak winter months (December, January, and February).

Your Time Will Be Saved

The overall minimum duration required for the Ladakh bike tour is from 9-14 days. Tourists who are short on time should plan their journey to Ladakh by air. By doing this, you will save your time as the bike takes around 2-3 days if you chose the Manali route and 4 days if you planned via Srinagar. If you book your flight to Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport in Leh, you will reach by the fastest way and doge all the hassles of road traveling, including fuel, spare parts, biking gears and etc.

You Can Spend More Time in Ladakh Hamlets Rather Than on Roads

There is no doubt that the two routes to reach Ladakh are enthralling to drive the mountain bike. But if you have been to Ladakh in past years, you should skip reaching Ladakh by bike and book your all-inclusive Ladakh tour package with a flight. By doing this, you will spend more time in Ladakh hamlets like Turtuk, Hundur, and Hemis. Ideally, you will save 4-5 days (approx.) if you choose to travel Ladakh by flight.

You Can Visit Ladakh With Your Family

Who says you can’t travel to Ladakh with family? Take your family to Leh Ladakh by air because we are sure you don’t want your brother, or father, or mother sitting in a pillion seat on your bike and helping you out if your bike stops due to any reason. Ask the one who has been to Ladakh via bike that it takes a toll on elders and children? And they will say Yes! Traveling to Ladakh by air is highly suggested, especially if you take your mother or sister with you!


There is no downside to traveling to Ladakh either by bike or flight. The major thing that makes a difference is the travel time to Leh Ladakh. It is not at all true that flight to Ladakh doesn’t persuade voyagers to hit Ladakh. But yes, if you have an appetite for biking, both routes demand exploration. We suggest you book your air ticket in advance to snag the discounted offers on airfares.

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